10 Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Selling your home by yourself is a popular option, but you will face additional challenges if you don’t have the experience and guidance of a licensed real estate agent. These are all things that you need to think about.

It is essential to be aware of a licensed agent’s responsibilities, mainly when listing your home and taking photos. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t sell your home yourself. We recommend that you always contact a licensed agent for specific reasons.

Here are 10 ways you can quickly sell your house.

#1. Photograph The Property

When you want to sell a home, you want to show potential buyers the property in its entirety. Your photographs should mainly focus on the land and structure, not what you love about the property.

Sell Your House

You may know the story behind the shutters or doors you hand-made or the unique feature you saved, but these features could be removed once the house is sold.

Instead of focusing only on the things you love, help the potential buyer find the whole property. Your photo should show the path leading to the door. This creates flow. Because there is movement in the photo and not just one feature you love, the flow makes it easier for potential buyers to see the whole structure.

#2. Set A Realistic Price Point

Keep in mind that your house will be valued higher than its actual value.

As attached and bonded to their homes, it is a part of our nature. A higher price will most likely make it difficult for potential buyers to buy your house. In the end, you may need to lower the cost.

Do not be afraid to ask for a lower price than you need. You want to attract people to your home and make an offer. Multiple offers can give you the advantage and get buyers who are serious about your house. You may get more than you anticipated and what you would have sold your home for. Do not set a high price, but hope for the best.

Find out if there are any homes for sale that are similar in size and age to yours. Zillow, Redfin, and other websites can help you find similar homes for sale in your area.

When looking at these houses, compare your amenities and the age of the house to determine how much work is required.

Use the above to calculate an average and use it as a starting point. If the neighborhood is divided, it does not matter if you are in a better school area. You may get more money if the school is a selling point. However, keep in mind that if your back patio is not maintained or repaired, it will lower the home’s value.

#3. Write About The Experience Of Living There To The Buyer

Instead of describing why you love a particular room or area of the house, talk about the person’s experiences while living there.

This is all about you. Don’t say things like your favorite thing is sitting on your back patio and watching the sunset with friends. You should rather say that they will love relaxing every evening with stunning sunrises from your back patio.

Do not forget to say that the room has a corner nook that you can pad to create a comfortable area for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Suggest them that it can also be used to store things like books or plants or for whatever else the imagination can conjure them.

#4. Set Aside Extra Budget for Marketing & Advertising

Your real estate agent will usually spend their own money to bring people into your home. You won’t get any results by posting to classified and free sites.

You need to purchase ads space to attract qualified buyers. You won’t always find buyers after the first round.

It would help if you planned to purchase multiple ads spaces. It is a good idea to budget for them to be kept over several months, as your house may not sell immediately. You can negotiate a lower rate by purchasing multiple months of ad space at once.

#5. Power Wash Sidewalks, Patios, and Driveways Before Taking Photos.

Staining or dirty walkways and spaces can be a big turnoff and cause more new owners to decide not to buy your house. Clean them again before you host your first open house. Before posting your listing photos, hire someone or rent a power washing machine to clean any spots or dirt. After the power washing, be sure to sweep everything to get rid of all the dirt particles. It will make everything cleaner, and it will be easier for the new owner to give their house an uplift.

#6. Get Rid Of All Signs Of Pets.

Potential buyers may be turned off by dog houses, stakes in your yard, and other items that show that you have pets.

You might stop serious buyers from viewing your house, regardless of whether they have allergies or imagine that the house smells like a cat, dog, or rabbit. A pet is a cost-prohibitive option for someone who has allergies or is concerned about the “pet smell” in their home.

If you have a pet, it is good to get all the signs of living with an animal. Remember that your goal is not to impress another owner but rather turn buyers away from buying your house. Sellers looking at their homes from a buyer’s perspective are more likely to sell their homes quickly and reasonably.

#7. Eliminate Kid Structures.

Ensure that the property’s selling point is the proximity to schools and other amenities for young families. Families without children and high schools are less likely to be interested in having a play structure or swing set in the backyard.

This might cause them to question why you have these structures if it is not intended for families with young children. A family without small children may also feel uncomfortable at the sight of these structures, which will turn them off from your house.

Sellers looking at their homes from a buyer’s perspective know that buyers will assume that if they have this, there must be something “wrong” with the house.

#8. For Open Houses, Set Precise Times.

Open houses are one of your most valuable tools to help you sell your home. Make sure to be clear and concise. You could lose a potential buyer if people cannot find your open house or how they can contact you.

Don’t let anyone in too late. Someone would attack you if you’re alone. Keep your distance. Open house hours are set. Nobody has ever done it before, and even less after.


  • When and where you will be hosting an open house
  • Exact map location.
  • If they are lost or running behind, you can reach them on their phone number.
  • Directions from the significant areas
  • Place something as a mark to identify your home by placing a sign or balloon in front of it.
  • If there is a phone box, the dial-up number

#9. Ask Friends & Family To Assist You.

Although technically, this one is not for your listings, we consider it very important. It is dangerous to invite strangers into your house. Ensure that you have friends to monitor and assist with any activity. It would help if you never were alone in your home while others were around. Do a walkthrough with your friends before they leave. If you have friends who can help you in this process, your house will be in much better hands.

#10. Repairs Any Damages.

There are likely to be some problems that you have learned to live with after you’ve lived in your house for any length of time. Chipped paint, missing fence boards, and leaky kitchen faucets are all things you may overlook every day. These are the small details that can make your house less appealing to potential buyers. Do the easy things. You will be grateful you did when you receive an offer to buy your house. Sellers looking at their homes from a buyer’s perspective will know that they have to make some updates before selling their house.

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