Alexandria, Kentucky

Alexandria is a Home Rule-Class City in Campbell County, Kentucky. It is also one of the two seats in the county. At the time of the 2017 Census, there were 9,438 people.

Alexandria is near the geographic center of Campbell County at 38°57’32’’N 84°23’21’’W (38.958947; -84.389290).

The United States Census Bureau states that the city covers 6.9 miles (18.0 km2). 0.04 square miles (0.12 km2) of water and 6.9 miles (17.9km2) of land. The town is located 14 miles (23km) south of Cincinnati, Ohio, on U.S. Route 27. Kentucky Route 9 is a four-lane limited-access highway that runs 47 miles (76km) southeast of Maysville.

History Of Alexandria

Frank Spilman and his family may have settled in the Alexandria area in 1793. By 1819, when the first post office was founded, the family had already developed and sold lots. Alexandria was officially established by an act passed by the state assembly on February 22, 1834.

The Kentucky General Assembly created Kenton County by separating Campbell County’s parts in 1840. They moved Campbell County’s seat from Newport to Alexandria because it was closer to the county center. Although the citizens of Alexandria built a county courthouse quickly, Newport was home to the majority of the county’s residents. To get the clerk to move, it took a court order as well as a visit from the sheriff.

In 1856, the state assembly incorporated Alexandria. Newport successfully lobbied in 1883 for its own Court House District. This allowed it to keep a CourtHouse Commission with taxing authority, various county offices, and other administrative offices, in addition to those at Alexandria. In 1884, Newport was granted a new courthouse. The county’s fiscal court and other judicial offices were located there, while the administrative offices remained at Alexandria. However, the county did not have a dual seat until 2010.

Climate Around Alexandria

Alexandria is at the extreme northern end of the subtropical climate in the Southeastern United States. It is also at the outer southern limit of the humid continental weather of the Great Lakes Region. Alexandria is located in a climate transition zone affected by both these climates. Alexandria’s climate is moderated by rolling hills and valleys and some urban heat effects from nearby cities like Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport.

Alexandria, Kentucky

Alexandria, Kentucky Demographics

The census 2000 showed that there were 8,286 residents, 2,884 households, and 2,275 families living in the city. The population density stood at 1,538.7 people per sq mile (594.7/km2). The average density of 2,989 housing units was 555.1/square mile (214.2/km2). There were 2,989 housing units at an average density of 555.1 per square mile (214.5/km2). Hispanic and Latino were 0.76% each.

There were 2,884 households. 44.2% of these had children under 18 years of age, 68.2% were a married couple living together, 7.7% were female householders with no husband, and 21.1% were not families. 18.7% of all households consisted of individuals, and 6.8% were made up of someone 65 years old or older. The average household size was 2.87 and the average family size was 3.29.

Attractions Of Alexandria, KY

Alexandria Community Park Lake is regularly stocked up to four times a year with catchable-size catfish. This lake also has rainbow trout in spring and autumn. Sunfish and largemouth bass are frequently sampled and stockpiled if needed.

The Kentucky Reptile Zoo is an area dedicated to the conservation of reptile species. They provide venom to anti-venom and are used in medical and pharmaceutical research to save lives.

Natural Bridge State Resort Park is located in Powell and Wolfe Counties, along the Middle Fork of the Red River. This attraction is famous near Alexandria, KY! It is located adjacent to the Red River Gorge Geological Area and the Daniel Boone National Forest.

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