Bellevue, Kentucky

Bellevue, Kentucky, is a home-rule-class city located in Campbell County. It lies on the southern bank of the Ohio River. It had a population of 5,955 as of the 2010 census.

Bellevue can be found in the northern part of Kentucky, just across the Ohio River, from the Mount Adams neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. To its north, it is bordered on the west by Newport, Dayton, Fort Thomas, and Cincinnati. The City’s total area is 0.9 square miles (2.3km2), making it almost all land.

Bellevue rises towards the Kentucky Highlands region to the south. Bellevue’s elevation is higher than those of its neighbors. Bellevue is not protected from rising water, while Newport and Dayton are. Homes in Newport and Dayton would flood if the Ohio River rose, while Bellevue’s homes would be safe from rising waters.

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Bellevue Demographics

The City had 5,955 residents, 2,644 households, and 1,428 families as of 2010. The density of the population was 6,903.6 per square mile (2661.6/km2). 2,936 housing units were found at an average density of 3,127.9 per square meter (1,206.0/km2). The average thickness of 2,936 housing units was 3,127.9 per square mile (1,206.0/km2). 96% of the population was White. There were 0.2% Native Americans, 1.1% African Americans, 0.2% Native Americans, and 0.7% Asians. 2.3% of the population was Hispanic/Latino of any race.

There were 2,644 households. 21.6% of these households had children under 18 years of age, 35.3% were married couples, 12.3% had a female householder without a husband, and 46% were not families. 36.8% of households were composed of individuals, and 10.6% of households had someone 65 or older living alone. The average household size was 2.25, and the average family size 3.01.

The City’s population was distributed with 21.2% of the population being under 18 years old, 7.5% of the population aged 18-24, 30.9% of the population aging 25-44, 27.2% of the population aged 45-64, 12.5% of the population 65 and older. The median age was 37.5. There were 92.1 males for every 100 females. There were 88.0 males for every 100 females over 18 years old.

The median income of a household was $36,550, and that of a family was $46,800. The median income for males was $32,381 and $26,606, respectively. The City’s per capita income was $17,983. The per capita income for the City was $17,983. This included 10.2% of the population and 7.9% of the families.

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History of Bellevue, Kentucky

Bellevue, Kentucky

The area was previously used for hunting, fishing, and warfare by Native American tribes like the Illini and Shawnee. A three-day battle erupted in Bellevue between the Shawnee, Miami, and Cherokee Indians in 1745. It resulted in many deaths.

Bellevue is named after Gen. James Taylor Jr., who was Quartermaster General of the western U.S Army during 1812. The City was once part of Taylor’s plantation. Bellevue is the name of the General’s Virginia plantation. Bellevue (or “belle vue”) is a French translation of “beautiful sight.” James Taylor Jr. was the fifth son of James Taylor Sr. and Anne Hubbard Taylor. He was born in Midway, Caroline County, Virginia. His father purchased 2,700 acres (11km2) of land in Northern Kentucky through George Muse, his friend. Muse was awarded part of the land for his military service during the French and Indian War. James Taylor Jr. was the richest man in Kentucky. His estate was worth more than $4million in 1848. 

His home is located in the East Row Historic District, in the adjacent City of Newport in Kentucky. East Row is Kentucky’s second-largest district, with the Taylor Mansion being the oldest house in the area.

Bellevue was officially incorporated in 1870 by an act of the state assembly. It had only 381 residents in 1870. However, it was said to have been “growing rapidly” by 1877.

Bellevue was bustling by the 1890s. Balke’s Opera House on Berry and Fairfield Avenues was the town hall. The city directory included 15 grocery stores, four bakeries, six boot makers, seven confectioneries, two livery stables, and a blacksmith. There were also three millionaires, six doctors, and seven saloons.

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