Florence, Kentucky’s Top Attractions

Florence, Kentucky, United States, is a home-rule-class city. Florence, part of the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area, is the second-largest Northern Kentucky city after Covington. At the 2020 census, Florence had 31,946 people.

Florence is located in eastern Boone County, at 38°59’36”N 84°38’33”W (38.993225; -84.642602). The U.S. Routes 25, 42, and 127 passes through Florence’s center, leading northeasterly in a contiguous 11 miles (18 km) to Cincinnati. Interstates 75/71 pass through the western area of Florence with exits 178 to 182.

The United States Census Bureau estimates that the city covers 10.3 miles (26.8km2) in total. Of this 10.3 miles (26.7km2) island, 0.04 square miles (0. km2) water, or 0.43%.

Demography of Florence

According to the census of 2000, the city had 23,551 residents, 9,640 households, and 6,073 families. The population density was 2,385.6 people per square mile (921.1/km2). At an average density of 1,045.6/square miles (403.7/km2), there were 10,322 housing units. The current racial makeup in the city is 80% White with 10% African American and 0.14% Native American. There were 4% Asians, 0.06% Pacific Islander, 1 045.6 per square mile (403.7/km2). The population was 8% Hispanic/Latino of any race.

Historical Background

Crossroads was the original name for Florence due to the convergence of roads from Burlington (now U.S. 25) and Union at Ridge Road. The area was named Maddentown in 1821 after Thomas Madden, a Covington lawyer who owned a farm at the Burlington Pike. Madden left the area, and it was renamed Connersville in 1828 after Jacob Conner, a settler, took over responsibility for the town’s growth. Because there was another Connersville within Harrison County, the town was finally renamed Florence. Although the name references Florence, Italy, it is not clear what its exact etymology means. It was established on January 27, 1830, and grew rapidly after completing the Covington–Lexington Turnpike, 1836.

Top Attractions Of The Town

Florence Mall is an indoor shopping center located in Florence (Kentucky), United States. Homart Development Company built the mall in 1976. It originally featured Sears and Shillito’s and Pogue’s, and J. C. Penney was one of the four anchor stores. Brookfield Properties Retail Group manages and owns Florence Mall. There are over 100 stores in the mall and a food court. The mall also features the Florence Y’all Water Tower, located on mall property. 

The Water Tower is an elevated structure that supports a water tank. It was constructed at a height sufficient for water to pressure a distribution system for potable and emergency water storage.

Water towers can supply water even in power outages because they rely upon hydrostatic pressure generated by water elevation (due to gravity). However, they cannot supply for long periods without power because a pump is usually required to refill the tower. It is also used as reservoirs to provide water for peak times. The tower’s water level is maintained at a constant low level during peak hours. It then gets refilled by a pump in the night.

The Florence Y’all Water Tower, a water tower owned by Florence, Kentucky, United States. It is located between the Florence Mall interstate highways 75-71 and is viewed by millions of interstate motorists each year. Built-in 1974, the tower was originally painted in large letters with FLORENCE MALL. It became a landmark in the region after the M was changed from M to Y’ in legal concerns.

Since its opening in 1999, the Newport Aquarium has been a popular attraction for locals and tourists. More than 7,000 aquatic animals from all continents live at the Newport Aquarium in over one million gallons (nearly 4 million liters) of water. As you walk through the tunnels of this aquarium, you will feel the presence of river fish and deep-sea animals. Shark Central is the place to go to see ocean predators. You can also learn about dangerous and deadly fish and see beautiful and unusual species. Because they are limited, the displays are ideal for families with young children. The entire aquarium can be viewed in just two hours.

The Creation Museum tells Bible stories using realistic dioramas and tableaus. Meet Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, and the evil serpent. The surrounding three gardens and the lake are filled with birds, butterflies, and insects. It is a paradise-like Eden. A planetarium is available and a petting zoo that features hybrid animals.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is home to more than 500 animals and 3,000 plant species. There are also a 4-D theater, parades, and various other attractions. You can see newborn gorillas and tiger cubs. Also, meet rainbow lorikeets face-to-face. And, you can observe penguins in their natural habitat. These gardens are famous for picnicking. The playground is a popular spot for children to have fun. It also houses domestic animals and has a petting area.

Every Dave & Buster location has more state of the art games than ever before, more delicious menu items, and some of the best drinks in town. They have everything you need, from wings to steaks. Their premium bar ensures that they are always stocked with the best. You can also watch your game on one of their vast HDTVs with incredible stadium sound.


A bar and restaurant for people who love beer also love food. Over 20 craft beers are available on tap, large burgers, and the best sushi in town. Drake’s is the place to go for lunch, dinner, and late-night. It’s a fun, free-wheeling joint. It’s a place where you can relax and have fun. Play! It’s a place where you can let your hair down.

B.J.’s Restaurant & Brewhouse is a place where time matters. They have improved their brewhouse experience since their beginnings in 1978 to make B.J.’s a place where you can enjoy every meal. Their award-winning handcrafted beer is what draws the guests to this establishment. They love the Southern California twist that we have given to Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. They come here.

Whether you’re looking for a family vacation destination or want to escape the heat, Florence has something that will suit your needs. If you need some relaxation time, after all, that summer fun, take our advice and spend it at one of these top attractions!  To know more about Florence, Kentucky, please visit their website.

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