Visit the Historical Turfway Park in Florence, Kentucky

Turfway ParkFlorence, a city in Boone County and part of the Greater Cincinnati Metropolitan Area, is home to many people who commute to work each day. It’s no surprise that there are plenty of opportunities for jobs here too! With an estimated over 31,000 residents at the 2020 census.

The city’s population density is 2,385.6 people per square mile (921 km2). There are 10 32 houses for every 100 acres, making it very easy to get around by car or public transportation because they’re everywhere! Today’s racial makeup includes 80% white individuals who make up 9 percent African American Others include Native Americans, Asians & Pacific islanders.


The history of the Florence area has been marked by change. Originally known as Crossroads, this location served as an intersection for several roads from Burlington and Union at Ridge Road (now U.S 25). By 1821 it had become Maddentown after Thomas Madden, who owned a farm on these grounds. However, he later moved away, leaving his property in charge over Connersville, which became notable amongst settlers during1828 -years later when Jacob took up residence here with his wife Mary Ann Potter-Madden, giving birth to a son named “Florent.” It wasn’t until many years afterward we found out why those original chosen names never stuck. 

In 1883, the Florence Railroad was chartered to connect Cincinnati with Paris, Kentucky, and Winchester, Virginia. The depot was completed in 1885, and trains began running. The town of Florence was platted on December 15, 1886, by the railroad company, and lots were sold. The Maddentown post office moved to Florence on January 1, 1887. The town’s name was changed from Maddentown to Florence because there was already a post office named Maddentown in Fleming County, Kentucky.

Visit Turfway Park 

Turfway Park is a famous horse racing track that has been around since 1883. Each year, the two main meets are the Holiday in December and Winter/Spring season, which starts early April until late March or early April; they also offer simulcast wagering from all over America!

The track is back on its feet, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. A year ago, people were panicking because they thought a competitor might swipe away all the few remaining race days given by regulators. Still, fear has subsided with optimism not seen since before The Flood in racing! Today will mark the groundbreaking event at Churchill Downs for the $145 million renovation project. The first step towards ensuring this famous circuit can continue functioning as usual long into centuries ahead. 

In 2020, Churchill Downs announced that they would be investing $1 billion into a new gaming facility. The track is expected to create about 800 construction jobs and 400 positions for full-time employment, among other things such as installing 1,500 “historical horse racing” machines that closely resemble slot machines; building an inner dirt surface over top synthetic tracks. This is all in addition to the $145 million projects mentioned earlier! It allows the potential customers who enjoy betting on horse races even when there isn’t any competition from human opponents (older adults can play too); adding additional gaming equipment including one mile of permanent acrylic flooring set up just outside the paddock and grandstand that will accommodate a variety of different games; and renovating the clubhouse, press box, and betting windows.

If you’re looking for a place to visit that has a lot of historical value, Turfway Park is the place for you! Not only is it one of the oldest horse racing venues in America, but it’s also where some of the most famous races have taken place. If you’re interested in checking out this park for yourself, be sure to visit during the Holiday in December or Winter/Spring season! You won’t regret it.

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